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  • What is the difference between Base Wallet and Grain Wallets?
    Grain Wallet has a fold-over flap that you can wrap over the top and tuck-inside the quick access pocket. That gives the wallet the ability to expand according to the number of bills inside cash side pocket. Many customers prefer that. Base Wallet has a flap with a fixed button to secure the contents so that makes it more compact. Many customers like it that way too. A single opening and you can pack everything inside. But this is meant to be minimalist so it's better not to pack with too many cards than what is recommend. However, there are customers using it with more cards as it works with their usage perfectly. Both has two types Cards and Coins versions. Grain Wallet has an additional feature to insert a single key in the slot below the coin pouch of a certain size. There are YouTube videos of reviewers that shows the differences pretty well. You can read this blog to know how to pick the Base Wallet:
  • What is the difference between Cards type vs Coins Type Base Wallet?
    The Base Wallet Coins has a coin pouch and Card type has an additional card pocket. Actually it is the same pocket but for coin type it is stitched 1/3rd of the wallet for easy access.
  • What is the difference between Hand Dyed wallets vs Normal Color?
    The hand dyed version will show some color variations produced when we apply the dye by hand. We are able to do the finishing pretty well when it is all done by hand. The edges of the leather will be beveled and burnished much better than the pre-dyed leather. Commercially dyed leather will have mostly equal color distribution, it is a dye through.
  • Can I request not to have the Key Slot and only the coin pouch for Grain Wallets?
    Yes. Drop us a note.
  • How do I pick which Base Wallet is suitable for my need?
    + If you carry only cards and cash, go for Base Wallet Cards type. + If you also have to carry a few coins/accessories. get a Base Wallet Coins type. + Choose the size according to the currency width of the most used notes. This blog explains it very well:
  • Where should I place the order?
    You can order directly on our website where we give occasional discounts or on other platforms that we partner with.
  • When can I expect to receive my wallet?
    We take great pride in ensuring that each wallet is meticulously crafted with the utmost care. Our making time is published on our schedule page for your convenience ( While we normally will complete orders ahead of schedule, delays are rare and usually only by a day or two. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work hard to deliver a product of the highest quality.
  • How are they made?
    By hand! 100%. Our wallets are meticulously crafted with timeless efforts. We use traditional leather crafting tools. We choose the most premium quality leather, hand-picked by our crafter. All our designs are original. We ideate, prototype them, spend considerable amount of time to test it for usability before adding them to our product line.
  • What leather do you use?
    We only work with vegetable tanned leather. Most of our wallets are crafted with cow hide. We use full-grain leather for all our wallets, which is the top layer and the highest quality for durability and the strongest cut from the hide. A leather is generally composed of interwoven fibers. The density of how the fibers are packed is different between the layers. Top surface is the most dense and and they get looser as you go down. Apart from cow hide, we also have our wallets made in Shell Cordovan leather. Shell cordovan is the most finest leather you can find. It lasts for generations, develops dramatic patina, breathable, self healing, mirror like sheen, intoxicating scent and a good friend to extremely skilled craftsmen/women.
  • How are Tauruscamp handmade wallets different from other wallets in the market?
    Design We embedded the basic functional need for a wallet and considered the usability in every possible ways. Addressing the most common needs in the most intuitive way. Materials We invest most of the product cost into the quality of leather, threads, finishing agents and the best making tools we could get. Making Compared to mass produced / factory made wallets in the market, handmade products stand out in different levels. The machines are totally incapable of achieving several important construction methods for wallets. The way it is cut, stitched and burnished. Personalization Since we do all our wallets by hand, one by one. It is possible to make ad hoc customizations like monogram, change of thread, thumbhole etc., Cost Most important reason. It is almost impossible to get wallets mass produced with handmade quality for the price we are selling. Our cost is calculated with the lowest margin we could afford considering the price of premium materials and making time.
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