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"We have a mission to encourage and support an ecosystem of hand-crafted products that lasts longer. We support sustainable business practices focusing on highly durable daily use solutions for a minimalist lifestyle."

Sajid Kalla, Co-founder, Designer and Crafter of Tauruscamp Wallets

About Tauruscamp

We handcraft minimalist leather products from the premium quality full-grain vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Base wallet and Grain Wallet are the two original designs from Tauruscamp. The wallet is crafted from a single piece leather wrapped around itself with a small inner-piece and by a unique folding technique that holds it together with a single line of saddle stitch at the bottom which gives it a minimal and classic look.  Read this blog if you would like to choose the right Base Wallet for your need. 

Our workshop is located in the North East of Singapore. Everything we sell here are created by hand in the Tauruscamp workshop by a small team of highly skilled hand crafters. We ensure the highest level of quality. Our primary goals are to support locally hand-made products made available to the citizens reducing the overall footprint of industrial scale productions and to make solid long-lasting products that sustain and stretch the overall lifecycle.

We only work with vegetable tanned leather. The leather is processed in an ecologically friendly manner compared to chromium tanned leather. We only source leather which come as a byproduct of meat industry and strictly avoid exotic animal skins 



Please get in touch with us. If you have questions or if you are crafter and looking for opportunities or you just want to say hi.

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