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What to consider while choosing the right Tauruscamp BaseWallet.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

A good design for a minimalist wallet should allow the basic everyday carry like Cards, Cash and optionally Coins in a comfortable fashion.

However, not everyone would need to carry all the three. That's why we created our signature Base Wallet design providing the flexibility depending on the individual requirements. It's a minimalist front pocket wallet crafted from a single piece of leather wrapped around itself with a small piece of divider for additional card slot (or coins). The wallet has a flap with a snap button to securely hold its contents.

The entire wallet is held together with a sold saddle stitch at the bottom line using a strong waxed thread promising the simplicity which is quintessential to every other Tauruscamp products.

You just have to open the flap and all the contents are easily accessible.

Let's go through the different designs of Base Wallets to find a suitable one for your need.

Base Wallet in Shell Cordovan Blue Marbled

There are basically two types of Base Wallets

1. Base Wallet Cards Type.

This wallet is made to maximise the cards usage. It has a total of 3 card pockets and a side pocket for cash access.

1 x Quick access pocket for cards

2 x Inner pockets for cards

1 x Side slot for cash (bi-folded)

The inner pocket has a thumb notch for easy access to cards. Best use would be for cards rarely used but still needs to be carried in the pocket (like drivers' license, identity card etc). Frequently used everyday cards (credit/debit cards, access card etc) will go in the quick access pocket.


2. Base Wallet Coins Type.

This wallet is made for those who also carry a few coins. The pouch is stitched 1/3rd of the wallet for easy access. So that coins will not fall through and get stuck at the bottom.

It has a total of 2 card pockets, 1 coins pouch and a side pocket for cash access.

1 x Quick access pocket for cards

1 x Inner pocket for cards

1 x Coins pouch stitch 1/3rd of the wallet for easy access of coins

1 x Side slot for cash.


Cash Access

The cash slot is stitched in a unique way to shove out the cash using your index finger through the side of the wallet.

The interesting part is that the notes can be easily pushed out or tapped in without opening the flap. You can also push a little and pinch out individual bills separating it from a bunch.

Wallet Size

The wallet comes in two sizes.

  1. Standard Size with 8cm width. This will work for almost all currencies in the world (like EUR, SGD, JPY etc.,).

  2. Small Size with 7cm width. This is good for smaller size currencies like USD/CAD etc.,


We use premium quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather from a renowned Italian tannery Conceria Walpier for our wallets made from cow hides. We do not work with chrome-tanned leather for any products.

When you choose the wallet you may notice Hand Dye and Commercially dyed variations. Hand Dye is produce by us in our studio which allows us to create a such great finish with edging work and produce unique patterns when doing it by hand. Commercially dyed pigments will be mostly evenly distributed and consistent.

Additionally, we list unique color combinations to create a nice contrast with primary and accent colors. This can be seen in the listing when you purchase.

Shell Cordovan Version

Both types are also available in Shell Cordovan version. Shell cordovan has an immaculate finish and feel when you hold it in hands. It is noticed that if one went for shell cordovan for the first wallet, they will never go back to the normal leather. It feels good, smells good, looks beautiful and lasts a lifetime.

Shell cordovan leather lasts much longer and ages beautifully.


AirTag Addition

If you are an iPhone user, adding an AirTag to our Base Wallet would definitely give it a cool look and at the same time you ever have to worry about misplacing and wasting time searching for your wallet.

AirTag holder is a patch of leather uniquely cut and positioned at the corner. The size and thickness of the leather is accurately measured to securely hold the AirTag in place.

Because of the peculiar leather characteristics, it moulds and takes shape around the AirTag over time and start to look better with age. We normally use Shell Cordovan for the AirTag holders for all the AirTag wallets.



  • If you carry only cards and cash, go for Base Wallet Cards type.

  • If you also have to carry a few coins/accessories. get a Base Wallet Coins type.

  • Choose the size according to the currency width of the most used notes.

  • If you like handmade look on the wallet with unique patterns, get hand dyed version.

  • We use the best match for the thread color. But just drop a note if you have preference.

The entire wallet is cut, dyed, saddled stitched, finished and burnished all by hand with traditional and age old methods in Singapore.

Please feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us if you need any more help choosing the wallet.

The wallet received a great review done by Mark from Walletopia. He explained the usability and functionality pretty well in a YouTube video.

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